Your best import and export choice for Mexico and India markets to the rest of the world.

We are a Mexican enterprise with offices in Querétaro, Mexico, and in Bangalore and New Delhi, India. We are devoted and committed to take the best Mexican and Indian products to the rest of the world offering the best price, quality and terms of delivery.Our main portfolio commodities include Marble, Wood, Granite, Quartz, Sandstone, Precious Stones, Steel and Mineral Products. Nevertheless we offer professional brokerage services for any particular commodity originating from the Indian and Mexican markets.

Our brokerage services include the search of the product, logistics, transportation services, quality check procedures according to the norms and applicable terms (tariffs, non-tariffs barriers, and any other legal procedure applicable to the product) and clearing customs procedures.With a permanent presence through our offices in India and Mexico we can guarantee the success of your import and export fulfilling all the necessary requirements.

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